Easy ‘always delicious’ homemade bread

When it comes making and baking bread at home, there are SO many recipes, hints, tips and tricks that it can be difficult to know where to start! We have tried and tested plenty of delicious quick and easy recipes and this one is a winner for us every time. It’s quick, easy and we can guarantee […]

COCONUT – How your body uses this exotic super food

Go NUTS! Southern parts of India have been well known for their love and preference for this AWESOME super food coconut, that we’ve all now adopted into our everyday lives. Not only is their curry generously sprinkled with coconut in all its variation, but also their daily skin regime in one way or the other will […]

Coconut and Lime zesty Sponge Traybake

Our amazing and delicious coconut and lime zesty sponge traybake will leave you and your family going back for seconds….and thirds! The sponge is delicate, soft and springy and reminds us of big fluffy pillows. This simple sponge traybake will simply melt in your mouth. We LOVE coconut and in this recipe when married together with […]

How to make the BEST Zurrapa to impress your friends

  What is Zurrapa we hear you cry?! Zurrapa is the amber nectar of Spain. When you first stumble across this delicious Spanish dish, you won’t fail to be amazed by its incredible color! The rich and decadent paprika gives Zurrapa its notorious bright orange halo! Zurrapa is from the Ronda region in Spain and […]

‘Oh so good’ Olives and 5 amazing things to do with them

Olives have been a part of the human diet for thousands of years, long before the canning industry, grocery stores, and martinis came into play. But a few decades ago, your average American knew only a few varieties! Some were green, some were black and some were pitted. Simple! Although the best ones were pimento-stuffed and […]

Fresh Salmon with Zesty Squash Noodles

Including a healthy portion of salmon in your midweek meal plan will give you and your family an impressive dose of Omega 3- fatty acids and a good boost of protein! Our simple dish celebrates seasonal squash and will easily make a fabulous dinner or lunchtime option. Vegetable noodles are so ‘on trend’ and super easy […]

Easy Cauliflower recipes you will want to make now

All hail the new kid on the vegetable block – Cauliflower! Who doesn’t love a good easy cauliflower recipe? We all love the word ‘easy’, but when you throw the word cauliflower into the mix, does it bring up visions of a soft overcooked (slightly smelly) vegetable served by your mom when you were growing […]

10 on-trend foodie ideas to try in October just for you

In the Indy Chef kitchen we look forward to all the new foodie ideas and trends a new season brings and October is no exception. Foodie ideas and trends do not always have to be about baking and cooking new recipes or using a new ingredient, they can be as simple as finding a new farmers market in […]